Fluid Bed Dryer


Fluid Bed Dryer

Salient Features :
  • Product container (tilt able): SS 316 conical bowl with flanged top. Bottom of SS 316 fine wire sieve machine free from crevices/ dead spots.
  • Bag filter: - Best quality cloth bag filters provided with manual / pneumatic shaking arrangement to arrest the rising dried powder.
  • Capacity: - 2 kgs to 500 kgs.

Drying arrangement: - Inlet triple filter air duly heated by electrical coil or steam radiators (Temp. 50 0C-75 0C) sucked by centrifugal blower, passing through product bed.

Other Salient Features are :
  • Vision panel: - For visually inspecting fluidization.
  • Sampling port: - To remove granules for IPQC checks.
  • Safety features: - explosion flap & earthling arrangement for bowl & container./li>
  • Pneumatically inflatable gasket: - For container sealing (neoprene food grade) sealing, bag sealing, bowl lifting.
  • GMP Model: - 2 piece model SS316.
  • PLC controllable (Optional): - Inlet & out let air duct damper control, temperature indicator, CFM indicator, timer control, ON OFF bag shaking.
  • Blower mounting: - On top of machine or out side the room via ducting.
  • Inlet air ducting: - Can be placed outside the operational room either parallel or at right angle to the machine.
  • Optionally fbd bowl can be lifting, tilting device of SS (cGMP) construction is available.
  • Finish: - Mirror finish inside and out side 180 grit.
  • Raking system: - For granules available.

We undertake Turnkey project as per cGMP Norms for tablets, Capsule, Ointment, Liquid

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