tablet section
Tablet Compression Machine
Rotary Tabletting Machine 6 to 71.
GMC Rotary Tabletting Machines (RTM) are of following types

1) Standard Model
2) GMP Model

Each of the above have got 4 Models

Model 1: Mini — 6 to 16 Stations (JM)
Standard & GMP for R & D/Pilot Plant

For Simulation of production Model with Mixed tooling (D, B, BB) Suitable for ‘DS’ tablet with Bi-layer option. 16-station machine is with B Tooling.


Model 2 : Single Sided 16 to 23 stations (JS).
Standard & GMP Heavy Duty Machine.

Suitable for veternity, Herbal, Chemicals minerals, confectionary, metal pharmaceuticals & Neutraceuticals.
Single/ Double sided models.
R & D/ Pilot scale Model.
Bi-layer compression machines
Machines with pre compression.
PLC & computer interfaced controls.
23 — Station machine is with B- Tooling.

Model 3 : Double Sided — 23 Stn To 45 Stn. (JD)
Standard & GMP with pre-compression options with Bi-layer options.

23 — Station with ‘D’ Tooling
27 — Station with ‘D’ Tooling
35 — Station With ‘B’ Tooling
45 — Station with ‘BB’ Tooling

Model 4 : Presses — Double Sided — 45 to 71 Stations. (DH)
With Pre compression options, with Bi-layer Tablet options

45 — Station with ‘D’ Tooling
55 — Station with ‘B’ Tooling
65 — Station with ‘BB’ Tooling
71 — Station with ‘BB’ Tooling

All the above machines have Dust Extractor System De-dusters, IPC Loader System, Punch Storage Cabinet, Punch Polishing Kit, and Die Removal/ Fitting Kit.