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Material Loading
IPC Lifting & Loading Device

Salient Features :

  • This unit is a mechanical device for lifting and charging of material bins into downstream machine. Lifting is by means of a hydraulic cylinder.
  • A SS channel column is used to house the lifting assembly. The column has flanged ends to fix the top and bottom bearings pedestals.
  • It consists of a suitable hydraulic cylinder, guide assembly and a lifting head. The lifting head is provided with an arm fixed with a lug plate to fix into the lifting lugs of the IPCs.
  • The column is free to rotate about the vertical axis between the top and bottom bearing pedestals. The column can be manually sweiled to align with the charging port. The column can then be locked in position.
  • Consist of a hydraulic power pack with motor, pump and direction control valves.
  • Ensures dust free operation by avoiding manually scoop system of granule transfer into
    hopper & granule transfer is done form In Process Container being lifted & held above the RTM hopper by IPC Loader System.
  • Ensures continuous flow of granules into the hopper of RTM thereby increasing production, reducing rejects & avoiding punch to punch kit by sudden absence of granules