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Material Handling / Transfer Devices
FBD Bowl Lifting & Tilting Device

Salient Features :

  • This unit is a mechanical device used for unloading of dried powder from the FBD Bowl, by means of clamping a SS cone with valve, and inverting the assembly at the desired point of discharge.
  • A SS channel column is used to house the lifting assembly. The column has flanged ends to fix the top and bottom bearings pedestals.
  • Consists of a suitable hydraulic cylinder or mechanical lead screw arrangement guide assembly and a lifting head.
  • The column is free between the two bearing assemblies to be swing manually to the desired point of discharge.
  • A hydraulic assembly fixed on a yoke type arm is used for tilting.
  • The cone is designed to suit the FBD bowl in use, with a height and slope to facilitate easy discharge of the powder.