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Dry Blending

Salient Feature of Blenders :

  • Very cost effective & convenient
  • 60 % working capacity
  • Internal specially designed baffles optional
  • Dust free working arrangements available
  • Reduce product handling
  • High mirror-polished finish (180 grit — 210 grit)
  • PLC controls optionally available for rpm, Timer,
  • Variable speeds drive system.
  • Jacketing optionally available for special operations for all except Hoop & Barrel Blender
  • Very versatile for blending pharmaceuticals, neutraceuticals, Herboceuticals, Cosmetic products.

Octagon Blender

Octagonal Blender: 5kg to 2500kg comparatively lower power requirement 60% working capacity, charging & Discharging is a dust free arrangement.

Double Cone Blender

Double Cone Blender: models from 5 kg to 1000 kg most cost effective used for dry syrup & capsules.

Ribbon Blender

Ribbon Blender: 5 kg to 5000kg for very low proportion mixing, addition of flavors & perfumes.

IPC Blender

IPC Blender: 5 kg to 500kg reduced product-handling options of various shapes of IPC.

V / Y Blender

V / Y Blender : Reduced Blending times.